Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spelling Shmelling

The field of education is prone to the winds of change, and whim.  The pendulum is swinging back from the whole language approach in order to embrace, or at least include, phonics in the past decade.  Thanks to this lack of phonics in the early years, I've seen students land in 5th grade with some atrocious spelling skills.

Honestly, teachers have to stop telling kids to just do the best they can or spell it the way it sounds because this is what happens...  Many cokarochs crack hores in the crakers house.  This was SUPPOSED to be an alliterative sentence with an October or halloween theme.  I don't know about you, but I'm glad I don't have any disease carrying bugs doing illicit things at the corner where the living room meets the entry hall.

Another student wrote in his personal narrative last nine weeks about attending the local fair a few months ago, enjoying animals in the petting farmyard such as the sheep, rabbits and phones.  I'm thinking that AT&T must have been the corporate sponsor for the petting farmyard, trying to work in a plug for their services or cell phones.  Then I start wondering if kids were allowed to play with the phones or show them to their parents and how this whole advertising ploy worked.  Then it dawns on me... the kid was trying to write FAWNS.  Duh!

Remenember - awlays us yur spelchek!

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