Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is it too late to change my mind?

This week it's all about text speak, full of OMG and WTH over here.  The old ball and chain has been in England since last week and we're hanging on here in Texas... by a thread.  Who the heck thought it was a good idea to move this family and all our worldly possessions across the Atlantic Ocean?  Because honestly, it's looking like a terrible plan right about now as we live amongst the chaos.  

The middle aged mind can only handle so much, some finite amount of information on the to-do list and then you're done.  Everything after that is just a waste of time.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  It falls on deaf ears.  It sees the mouth moving but the old noggin just aint getting the message.  

Case in point:  I was upstairs in the master bedroom, busy sorting through drawers and shelves.  I decided to move the sort-o-rama down to the guest bedroom.  Since I was listening to Christmas songs on one of our digital stations through the TV, I checked to see which channel it was.  I then proceeded to mumble 930, 930, 930 all the way down the stairs so I could put it on the same channel downstairs to enjoy more holiday music while I continued working.  

Once I arrived in the family room, I mumbled 930 one last time whereupon it became 9:30 in my head.  I immediately panicked because it was after 9:30 and that time was important because I was mumbling it aloud to myself.  So I rushed into the office where I keep my planner to see what was supposed to happen at 9:30.  According to the planner, there was nothing on tap for 9:30.  So I sat down and checked my email to see if I could find any clues as to the importance of 9:30 there.  I puzzled over it for a while until it finally dawned on me it was the TV station number that plays Christmas tunes.  

OMG and WTH - do I have early onset of the "oldtimers" disease?  For now, I intend to blame all memory lapses, flubs, brainfarts and general ignorance on the stress involved with this move.  Once we get settled, I'll just have to find some other scapegoats.

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