Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like Christmas - Just Not Here!

The calendar page has turned to December and that means Christmas preparations.  J lugged all of my plastic bins down from the attic filled with Christmas decor.  My Santa collection is pretty impressive.  I really enjoyed opening up everything... and then sent it to my in-laws for storage or repacked it in bubble wrap for the trip to England.  

Right now J is over in England, suffering through some snowy weather.  The kids were given snow days and folks are lounging about at home since the commuter trains aren't moving much.  Surely it will warm up soon from these uncharacteristically cold temps so the snow will melt.  J has quite a few errands to take care of on this trip, besides getting into the office, since he'll be back over here soon.  Momma needs a gently used car so we can sally forth on wheels instead of plodding through the cold, damp, and possibly snowy weather upon our arrival later this month.

Here in Texas, we had a cold snap but now we're back up into the mid-upper 70s by the afternoons.  Yesterday I was in my Yellow Box flip flops when I had lunch with Cal for her birthday at school.  I had to discard my fave black, well worn loafers due to an unfortunate incident with cat poop.  Believe me, you don't wanna know.  

Anyhoo, this week has really brought home to me the fact that we'll have weather to contend with that we're not accustomed to here in the sunny south.  I bought a boot tray and mat for the front door a few days ago at Target.  I've got a feeling that both will be getting some serious use.

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