Friday, October 12, 2012

Changing Seasons

In the past week, I've noticed that both of the girls have started spelling like the natives.  The teen asked me to proofread an English paper and I noticed she spelled the word behavior with the British -iour.  Then last night I saw the younger daughter spell the word color on a homework page with -our.  I guess they're going local.  Next thing you know the toilet will be the loo and they'll be asking me to whip up some scrummy puds instead of desserts.

The leaves are busy falling from trees now that we're well into October.

The tree (above) located in our backyard puts on a real show.  And you can see it's doing its best to carpet the green grass beneath it in red leaves.

I found the above leaf in our backyard when I had Ollie out for a potty break.  It immediately caught my attention there on the ground.  I have no idea where it came from since there are trees in the yard as well as right outside the fence surrounding it.  I didn't see any more in that part of the yard that resembled this one, so maybe it blew over from the neighbors. It has been quite blustery lately, so there's no telling how far the leaf may have traveled.

Several of the rose bushes have been making a last ditch effort and produced some beautiful blooms.  But alas, I'm afraid we've seen the end of it since the temps are forecast to dip into the 30s in a few days as we creep closer to frosty mornings.

And last, but not least, is Ollie watching me like a hawk through the patio's french door, wondering why he can't come out and give the squirrels a run for their money while I snap some pics.  He's still enjoying his mornings at the dog park, but I'm thinking we'll need to invest in a new coat for him to stay warm with the cold and wet winter weather on the horizon.

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