Thursday, October 18, 2012

Old Calton Cemetery - Edinburgh, Scotland

In the late afternoon on our last full day in Edinburgh, the husband and I walked across the street from our hotel to take a look at the Old Calton Cemetery.  Opened in 1718, it contains many interesting monuments and headstones.

I was intrigued by the enclosed burial area above - even has iron bars across the top of it and thus resembles a cage.  I guess somebody decided not to take any chances, keeping the zombies and/or vampire family members from getting loose.

I was pleased to find some Frasers in the cemetery, as seen above.  A few were actually buried here, while others were just memorialized.  The top stone with the names Richard, Thomas and Agnes Ross were all children... sad.

There was no mistaking the monument below, with Honest Abe atop it.  This was erected in 1893 to commemorate Scottish American soldiers who fought for the north during the Civil War.  

I've always had a fascination with cemeteries.  Not in a macabre, obsessed with death sort of way, but rather interested in the lives of people from the past and the stories their epitaphs tell.  

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