Monday, October 15, 2012


On Saturday, the teen invited nine other senior girls to our house to get ready for Peter and Matt's halloween party.  The guys live less than two miles from us, so we were the designated party prep location for the teen's group of friends.

The younger daughter and I had fun over at nearby Garson's Farm Saturday morning, snooping through their store for halloween plates and cups and napkins and such since we provided nibbles for the girls while they were getting ready.  Garson's already had rack upon rack of Christmas decor - on display since the end of September - but that's a whole 'nother post.  

I thought we might buy some real pumpkins and gourds since the farm has a pick-your-own patch, but then I realized I didn't want (or need) to spend £50 on something that will just rot in a couple weeks and get thrown into the trash. So I rooted through the kitchen cabinets for anything purple or green or orange that looks festive.

I had a few plastic pumpkins in storage cupboards that were shipped over with our household goods, so I added them into the decor mix.  

After about an hour of final prepping - plus a lot of girly squealing and giggling, even though they're in their final year of high school - they were all in costume and ready to go.

Thanks to the UK driving laws, there wasn't one girl out of the ten who is fully licensed to drive over here, so I made two trips in my SUV to drop them all off for the festivities.  And then I returned home to swig caffeinated diet soda so I could stay awake for the return trip to fetch the teen at midnight.

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