Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall's Final Foliage

Last night when I took Ollie out into the back garden to take care of his business, he had to hotfoot it through the growing piles of leaves that have completely covered one of his favorite poo spots.  The yard service hasn't been here in over a week and the leaves are taking over.

When I was standing around waiting for Ollie to pick just the right tinkle spot this morning, I noticed leaves falling from the trees like pretty yellow snowflakes.  The wind doesn't even have to blow through the branches.  They're just ready to drop.

In the front of the house, I noticed some late blooming flowers.  The rose bushes along the back patio were still producing a few beautiful blooms until mid October.

While snapping pics of the flowers, I noticed some pretty foliage at the end of our drive.  I like how the green privacy hedges frame the tree that shines like a yellow beacon.

As I was walking back to the front door, I looked back to see the beautiful foliage peeking through the evergreen trees, resembling sunshine or fire.

With our move back to Texas this next summer, I won't miss the damp, dark days of fall here in the UK.  However, I will miss the lovely autumnal colors.

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