Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Mimi Has Landed

My mother rolled up Friday morning a bit after 9:00 am from her Texas to Heathrow flight.  Since then, we have taken her shopping at three different British grocery stores, attended the Fete de Noel Christmas Fayre at the school my daughters attend, taken the dog to the dog park, had a very tasty meal at our favorite locally owned Italian restaurant, strolled to the pond in our neighborhood to feed some hungry ducks and a swan, decorated the house for Christmas (including the tree), made wassail and enjoyed mother's homemade french onion soup for lunch today.  I can make the same dishes, but they just never taste as good as hers.

Above is a pic of my mother, aka Mimi to my daughters, with her furry grandson.  The teen put him in his sweater, so it looks like he's coordinating with her.  He rather likes having someone else to pat and scratch and talk baby talk to him.

Before we head out for a Christmas markets river cruise from Basel, Switzerland, to Frankfurt, Germany, we'll be doing fun stuff like touring the British Museum, shopping at Harrod's, attending a matinee of the musical "Jersey Boys" and sitting down with a friend I've known since fourth grade for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday evening.

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