Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oct Cruise - Dubrovnik, Croatia

On our final excursion day, the 6th grader and I had a lovely time in Dubrovnik.  We both agreed it was our favorite port of call on this cruise.  

With an early departure time, I took the breakfast loving daughter to the buffet so she could get her usual sausage and french toast before we kicked off our bus tour with a drive down the coast to Cavtat.  

We stopped at a restaurant along some river for a snack and leg stretch.  The scenery was just beautiful, so green with lots of fruit trees and gardens in bloom even though it was the third week in October.

Afterwards, we took a tour of the old walled city center of Dubrovnik. It was in excellent repair due to sprucing after the Serbian-Croatian war about 20ish years ago.  Dubrovnik sits right on the shore and it was a sight to behold.  The water was remarkably clear, a great place for kayaking in the summer.

In the two pics below, you can see these tiny little side alleys that led up and away from the main pedestrian walkways towards the imposing walls.

In the shot above, you can just make out a cable car near the center of the pic.  I imagine it was an amazing view, but I'm not a big fan of the heights you have to reach for these great vistas.

The daughter found a couple places that sold these big puffy donuts with a dollop of chocolate on the inside and just had to indulge despite the fact that she had a hearty breakfast aboard the cruise ship.

During the bus ride, an Asian couple sat across the aisle from us and I would swear the guy took at least 500 shots, the stereotypical tourist with a camera that wasn't afraid to use it.  Over the course of a couple hours it was nonstop click, click, click because he would snap them and then almost immediately scroll through to delete the ones he didn't like.  

The final shot to round out our October cruise, our last port before arriving for disembarkation in Venice, was a picture I took while standing on our balcony as we sailed out of Dubrovnik.  So long, farewell and hope to see you again at some point because Croatia was truly beautiful.

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