Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the Road Again

We have taken our high school senior on a trip to visit college campuses where she has applied with the hope that this will help her narrow down the list to about six serious contenders.  The girls and I flew to Texas on Thursday to meet my husband and in-laws at the airport. We handed off our big suitcases and the 6th grader to them before collecting our carry on bags and hopping a flight to Kansas City.

Yesterday we toured Mizzou and were pleasantly surprised. The campus was clean and compact and is surrounded by cute shops and restaurants within walking distance. Plus there was some leftover snow on the ground - nice touch. Yesterday evening we arrived in Lawrence to tour the University of Kansas. We saw a bit of it before the sun went down and thus far we aren't impressed. The town is cute, but not really big enough to be convenient... but at least you can get to the big city of KC in less than an hour. The teen's requirements for a college thus far seem to be pretty sorority houses as well as interesting off campus dining options and handy stores for some retail therapy. Strength of various degree programs doesn't seem to be on her radar, especially since she is now torn between majoring in nursing and business/accounting.

The tour-college-campuses-like-your-hair-is-on-fire trip moves to Texas tonight when we fly into DFW. I am interested to see what she thinks about TCU, Baylor, A&M and UT.  That just leaves a few random college apps out there to further muddy the waters at places like Clemson and the University of Vermont where we won't hear a yea or nay for a couple more months.

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