Saturday, December 15, 2012

All in a Row

The only problem with putting up Christmas decor the weekend before Thanksgiving is that it's out long enough to require dusting. This year I've added a new Santa to my tabletop collection.  I found these fellas at one of the Christmas markets on our river cruise, but can't recall which one because it's all a blur of gluhwein stands in the midst of eerily similar old towns decked out in holiday decor.

These nesting Santas are supposedly from Russia. They could be from China, but I like the Russian story the lady told me and so I'm sticking with it.  

They had a set of the traditionally shaped Santa nesting dolls, but the pointy headed version is unique and that appeals to me.  After 20+ years of collecting Santas, and having a Santa only tree, I'm looking for Santas with a twist. Earlier this week, I purchased a glass ornament Santa in a space ship a la the Jetsons with the clear bubble around his head.  You just don't see one like that every day.  

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