Monday, December 17, 2012

The Fridge

It has been downright balmy the past couple days, with highs right on top of 50.  However, this was the scene last week in our back garden... for days.

Ollie and I crunched around on the grass while he contributed some poopsicles to the frosty winter landscape. It really was pretty once you got up close to some of the plants and saw how thick the ice crystals were after accumulating for several days.

The above pic looks as if the leaves have been sprinkled in granulated sugar.  As I turned to head back into the house, the frost covered remnants of a spider web hanging from the pergola caught my eye.

I love how the bits of frost on top of the pergola are in focus rather than the dangling web - makes it look as if the wooden slats are sporting a burr haircut.  And then I looked down and saw an even more interesting spider web.   I'm thinking now it would almost need to be referred to as an igloo.

My favorite frost pic is the one below, taken over near the playhouse that sits on these concrete pavers.  

In between each one they've purposely grown grass.  I love how this little patch of frost covered green looks so symmetrical.  

I'm thinking somebody, meaning me, needs to get a life because this frost post looks like a cry for help, right.  It's kinda early in the winter season to be exhibiting this sort of cabin fever behavior.  

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