Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nightmare Material

This morning I was checking out the CNN news app on my iPad just like I always do and was floored to read about Chengdu. This area of the Sichuan province suffered a 7.0 magnitude earthquake around 1:00 am, England time. 

Last week we stayed in Chengdu for a couple days, using it as a base to tour the nearby giant Buddha in Leshan and panda research center. I've always had this irrational fear of earthquakes, a natural phenomenon you can't prepare for or get out of the way in advance of their arrival. When my husband was accepted to Stanford Law School, I wasn't jazzed about it because the west coast is prone to quakes. If the earth had shaken last week while we were there, I would have come completely unglued.

I hope the people of Chengdu will persevere and receive the help they need. I'm gonna say a prayer for our Chengdu guide David and the other nice folks we met when we were sightseeing in the area during our spring break trip to China. When I told the 6th grader about it this morning, she said, "Awww, we missed it! That would have been really cool." She won't ride a roller coaster, but she wants to be in attendance during an earth quake where you're not strapped in and pieces of buildings are falling down around your ears. Makes perfect sense.

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