Friday, April 26, 2013

The Last Travel Hurrah

Exactly eight weeks from tomorrow, the senior graduates and then it becomes a fast and furious race to get the household goods in a shipping container, cars sold and accounts closed since we're scheduled to move home to Texas on June 21. I honestly thought our last family trip would be China for spring break. However, I couldn't resist squeezing in one final weekend getaway.

Where to go, where to go? We only have a long weekend, so realistically it shouldn't be more than a 2-3 hr plane ride from Heathrow. I pulled up a map of Europe to see what our options were and it became clear that Prague was perfect. We have wanted to tour Prague since we moved to England, but just never made it. I was initially planning to take the girls, but the teen pitched a fit and said she doesn't want to spend her final few free weekends traveling to see boring old historical stuff when she could be spending it with her friends having fun in London.

I was telling my husband about the teen's mulish behaviour and that's when he decided he wanted to see Prague REAL bad. He was already planning to visit us one more time before returning with his parents the week of graduation. So this is nice - we'll take the 12 yr old with us for one final jaunt in a fabulous European capitol.

Today I booked the flights and hotel. I pulled out my handy dandy Rick Steves Eastern Europe book and sent a request form to one of the tour companies he endorses. Private tour guides in Rome... cha-ching. Private tour guides in Prague... what a deal! And it's a good thing because the flights were pricier than I expected. Plus I opted for a hotel in the heart of Old Town, right across from the astronomical clock, and so it was almost as expensive as our Paris hotel. With absolutely no travel currently planned for this summer other than moving the soon-to-be high school grad to college in August, I think it's fine to cross one more location off our bucket list.

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