Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Exactly one week ago, the movers were loading the contents of our house in England onto a 40 foot sea container for a ride across the Atlantic. It's supposed to cruise into the port of Houston in mid July to clear customs and then get trucked to our house here in the hill country. I hope the ship has smooth sailing so the contents arrive intact. 

Here are some pics of the boxes stacked all over the house as we lived through two full days of packing and one day of loading.

I asked the moving company guys about the significance of the cat logo and their slogan "the purr-fect movers". It was explained to me that the company was founded in Catford.

I love the pic above, a box labeled coats and brollies. That's an obvious sign our packers were Brits. 

We looked like squatters, holed up in a part of the formal living/dining room for three nights with our items for the plane ride, camping out on our blow up mattresses with bed linens we planned to donate.

The rose bushes in our back garden were in full bloom when we left England - just lovely. It's easy for them to thrive in the moderate temps. I haven't complained (yet) that it's really warm here in Texas and getting warmer, with predicted highs hovering around 100 for the next few days. Sweat city. Must purchase the heavy duty deodorant to keep the BO at bay. And shine blotting paper for my face.

For our last night in England on our residence visas, we said goodbye to the house and stayed at a hotel in nearby Weybridge.

That final afternoon, we walked down to The Minnow pub for some refreshments and raised a glass of iconic Pimm's to toast our time in the UK. 

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