Sunday, June 30, 2013

Manual Labor

Since moving back to Texas, I've been busy doing a few things to get the house prepped for our household goods sea shipment next month. I selected some new carpet, had rooms measured and then paid for it yesterday. The carpet should arrive in about two weeks and then be installed before our furniture arrives. 

That was the easy part, paying someone else to do the work. The other part - painting - is all on me. Thus far I've finished one room and have at least two more to go. It's not that painting is difficult. With little furniture in the house to move, and existing carpet that will soon be ripped out and replaced, it's pretty easy to prep for the painting. Taping off the baseboards, doors and windows isn't exactly taxing. 

However, the constant, repetitive motion of wielding the paint roller and then brush tends to aggravate my compressed cervical vertebrae. Thanks to several hours of painting, my right arm and hand now tingle. Thank heavens I don't have to do this for a living.

When I removed the light switch and electrical plug covers, I saw bits of the original lime green the coed had in her room when we moved in over six years ago. She picked out the color in 5th grade while we were building the house and we moved in during 6th grade. Then two years later, she was going into high school and wanted a new, more mature color to last her for the next four years. That's when we went with a light sky blue.

Now that the coed is heading off to college in a couple months, we decided to give her original bedroom/bath to the now 7th grader because it has a full sized vanity with great storage space. The coed will move into the pink bedroom formerly inhabited by her little sister, with its smaller attached bath. And thus that means there's another bedroom to paint. 

The 7th grader has decided that the old sky blue her sister chose just won't do. She absolutely must have Tiffany blue on her walls. Oh well - at least it's a darker blue going over a light blue and thus will only require one coat of paint with no primer. Small favors.

I snapped a quick pick as I was putting on the much better Tiffany over the inferior sky blue. Sitting on the floor to paint above the baseboards. Climbing up the ladder to edge near the ceiling. I may not be able to move tomorrow, but the result has pleased the 7th grader to no end. It's kinda bright and doesn't seem particularly restful to me, but she absolutely loves it and that is all that counts.

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