Thursday, November 10, 2016

Earning My Blue Badge

Here in the UK, professional tourist guides are called Blue Badges. 

Every time we have friends or family stay with us, I get to play amateur blue badge. It's great because living here in the 'burbs of London I take it for granted that this area, and pretty much the whole darned country, is loaded with all sorts of amazing places to discover. History around every corner. No matter how many times I visit the icons in the city, it's always a pinch me, I can't believe I live with this on my doorstep moment.

The Liberty's of London department store has a very unique facade that I love. The Christmas shoppe was already open in early October and I found these two felt birds to be quite charming.

Football in the UK means soccer, but it seems the American version was jumping the pond for three games this fall and Regent Street told the story.

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