Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Waterloo Loop

On their last full day in England, I took my sister and niece on what I refer to as the Waterloo loop. Disembarking at Waterloo station where we arrive on the commuter train, we crossed the street for them to ride the London Eye.

Then we crossed the bridge to check out Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. After a stop at one of the iconic phone booths, we strolled through St. James Park and ended up at Buckingham Palace for them to get a gander at the queen's residence that will soon be covered up in scaffolding for a reno. 

Then we headed up the Mall to Trafalgar Square where we visited the National Gallery. 

Just like the British Museum, we were treated to lots of butts, boobs and penises on display.

On our walk back to Waterloo, we stopped for a photo in front of the horse guards. Dontcha love the sign? It makes me sad that not everyone is polite and respectful of these soldiers and their horses. I can't help but wonder how many obnoxious tourists have been kicked and bitten over the years. I've seen lots of idiots get really close and the soldiers have had to tell them to back away. So yeah, if you're ignoring the warning and making an ass of yourself, you deserve whatever treatment the horse decides to dish out.

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