Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August Update

It has been a crazy month and I'm kinda glad we're heading to the end of it. We kicked it off with a move into the remodel. And it was almost done. Except the bathroom cabinets were behind schedule and still need another coat of paint. The appliances were installed, the stove with a broken knob. We got that replaced and then discovered a readout glitch on the smaller oven this past weekend. We've used that oven once and are already in the queue for a service call tomorrow to get it fixed. Don't get me started on quality control and pride in your products.

In the midst of our own move, we had family members on the move, too. So yeah, it has been rather hectic around the new homestead.

About the time I finally got this sucker cleared up...

the 16 yr old daughter got her driver's license just in time to kick off junior year. Cheer, peer mentoring and AP classes - she's gonna be a busy girl for the next 9 months.

In the meantime, we've had tree trimmers on site for the third week in a row. It's amazing how much shade you lose once the ball moss is removed from the tree limbs. The contractors are slated to come out for what I hope will be the last time to finish off some punch list items. We got the old and what appears to be home-rigged sprinkler system up and running again, sufficient to get us through the drought until we can afford an upgrade. Maybe in the spring. And then there's the inner fence that's supposed to begin installation next week. Because we can't have any of our doggies running loose in the new 'hood.

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