Monday, August 28, 2017

New Posts

Since we moved into the remodel, I've been flashing back to the first 1.5 yrs of Ollie's life when I had to take him out in our backyard in the UK on a leash because the fence was a bit dicey in several spots and he could shimmy beneath it to escape. Right now, all we have is a perimeter fence around our 2.5 acres. To get me off leash patrol and allow my furry child some snuffling around part of the yard time without constant human supervision, we've contracted with a local company to install a black iron inner fence.

Today the posts were all placed in concrete for curing so tomorrow they can begin attaching the panels. Little man will be oh-so-happy to run around off leash and explore at will, especially as we head into fall and less stifling double digit temps. Upside to having a dog that's afraid of the pool is that he always gives it a wide berth since the back and side yard - pool included - will be part of his doggy domain.

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