Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mom Homecoming Garter Logic 101

One of the cheer moms is making mums, garters, hairbows, etc for homecoming next week and 50% of the proceeds go to the cheer fund. But the prices seemed kinda high and we were unsure about the quality of the product since I heard a story of a really fugly garter a couple years ago that had to be fixed before it could be presented to the guy. I'm not good with a last minute scramble like that, so the 11th grader and I decided to give it a go with making our own garter for her date this afternoon.

We zipped over to the local Michael's - we prefer Hobby Lobby but they're rocking that closed every Sunday deal like Chick Fil A - to peruse the selects. That's when we went a little bit crazy. Awww, isn't this cute? I bet he'd like the football with his number on it! What about a baby cowbell? This silver ribbon is really pretty! And don't forget the glue gun...

The finished product looks fine, considering it's the first time either one of us has tackled a Texas homecoming garter. Bottom line is that I spent $50 on supplies when I could have had the mum lady whip one up for $40. I earned a couple burned fingertips from the glue gun for my frugal efforts that kinda fell flat, but we had a fun time putting it together at the kitchen island.

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