Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Word Up Wednesday

Geez Louise, the weather around here sure has been yucky lately, what with the bouncing back and forth between the AC and heat, along with the clouds and rain. Right now we're getting a little thunder and lightning, too.

The weather kinda matches my mood this week since I've had a nasty head cold. And I swear I'm gonna quit turning on the TV for fear of the latest tragedies I'll see on the news. School kids being murdered on campus by fellow students suffering from mental illness and cops being gunned down while on the job. And then evangelist Billy Graham died today. What a beacon of light that man was to the world. I've seen some of his old recorded crusades and you can't miss the feelings of hope and goodwill pouring forth from his sermons, but one of his final videos I've included below is his wonderful message about breaking free from the bonds of evil through Jesus' salvation on the cross where he died for the sins of the world. It truly is "good news" for every generation. 

I've had this old Baptist standard circling around in my head since I heard he passed, "When We all Get to Heaven." What a comfort to the Graham family that Billy is at home with the Lord where he's reunited with family and friends who have gone before. He was a genuinely godly man, and Lord knows we need more like him in our suffering world today!

In other news from the homefront, the junior attended her school's military ball Saturday night. The gown was a pretty rosy coral shade and she loved that it had rhinestone embellished pockets. It's the little things, sometimes.

Despite the icky weather, we've had some pretty flowers blooming along the fence lately. We'd usually see these in late March or early April when we lived in England, so it reminded me of our time abroad when they recently made an appearance. See that bright orange cord in the pic? That's the connection running from the road out to mother's apartment on the back forty that the TV and internet cable company has yet to bury.

Since I've been ill, I've been laid up watching movies the past week while I sniffled and snorted and blew my nose a thousand times a day. I really enjoyed this blast from the past, "Urban Cowboy". My mother had the 8 track tape when I was in middle school and so I know all of the soundtrack by heart. John Travolta was a real looker back in the day. I bet the Texas ladies of my generation will agree there aint nothing like a cowboy in a pair of well-fitting Wranglers, amiright?! And the prison rodeos in Huntsville - I guess they went the way of the gaudy western belts with your name emblazoned on the back of them. I don't think of myself as old, but by golly I feel it when I look back and recall enjoying a movie and its music from 1980.

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