Friday, March 9, 2018

I loathe leaf season

If I didn't have OCD tendencies, I don't think the leaves would bother me much. But great balls of fire, the spring oak leaf drop is enough to make me lose my mind. I'm working on the pool and patio area at least three times per day, using the leaf blower and pool tools to try and combat the sheer volume of last year's oak leaves making way for the spring bud. Emptying the skimmer that's full to overflowing with leaves, in addition to the Polaris bag that looks like an overstuffed leaf sausage, wielding the net and working up a sweat is my glamorous life these days.

Less than a week ago, this whole fountain area was mostly devoid of leaves because my yard guys were here and dealt with them. This is what has accumulated over the past five days.

The wind blows and leaves flutter from the branches to the ground like snow. Leaf blizzards, y'all. Because of the OCD and my inability to tolerate messy clutter, that means I'm out dealing with the leaves that have collected in both the pool and fountain morning, noon and (almost) night. These wretched leaves are doing their best to clog the pool's skimmer and fountain's pump, attempting to make me throw more cash at our very own money pit since these things would probably burn up and break down without my hawk-eyed vigilance and dogged refusal to concede victory to the mess-making leaves.

Once I've survived this year's leaf season, I imagine I'll invest in some sort of pool netting to cover it next year in order to keep my sanity.

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