Friday, May 11, 2018

Old Wives' Tale

Our 11th grader is one of the healthiest people I know. On top of the obvious not drinking or smoking, she went vegan in the fall of 9th gr. Her diet consists of strictly fruits and veggies, with the every blue moon non-gluten, non dairy and egg free baked treat. At least it's a treat in her eyes. 

Since she's a cheerleader, she gets good cardio. Not an ounce of cellulite and her body fat must be in the single digits. So we were all surprised to discover through her recent bloodwork that she has borderline high cholesterol. 

To say she was disgusted to hear this would be an understatement. Poor baby might as well be eating like me and her dad. Drop that stir fry for some tasty butter, sour cream and three cups of cheddar cheese potato casserole. Ditch the butt and gut workouts for some decadent chocolate ice cream. You are what you eat? Not so much for the teenager, and that's a shame.

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