Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Uniform Sort of Wardrobe

Last night I forced myself to finish the last bit of paperwork for the new school, including the fine print that told me to include copies of their passport face pages as well as their visas.  The oldest daughter was still wearing braces in her passport pic while the youngest was sporting a short 'do reminiscent of Dorothy Hamill in the 70s.  

Those were the days - bell bottoms and the Bee Gees.  I had this exact same cut at her age which the youngest was wearing several years ago when her passport pic was taken.  It's a no muss, no fuss style, a sort of modified Prince Valiant.  And of course, both of us were mistaken for little boys and hence the need to grow out said haircut because we were not happy being referred to as "young man".

So after we turned in the stack of paperwork, we hustled over to the place where they were selling school uniforms.  The girls have been a bit intrigued at the thought of wearing uniforms because they've never been in them before.  The good news is that the youngest daughter is in middle school and they only have to purchase the pull over sweater and PE kit, which includes shorts and a Roman t-shirt.  The middle school is divided into houses, kinda like Harry Potter, and she will be a Roman instead of a Saxon, Norman or Viking.  She was a bit disappointed that she doesn't get to be a Viking, but you can't argue with the sorting hat... which in this case was a master list on the wall of the uniform trying-on area.

When all was said and done, we had a stack of skirts, trousers, shirts - the fall/spring AND winter versions - plus pullover sweaters and cardigans required for the high school uniform.  I could have purchased a nice Louis Vuitton bag with the check I had to hand over to the uniform company.  And I would have gotten a lot more wear out of it.  Plus my LV wouldn't need to be hemmed because somebody thinks it's "granny" length.  

I keep looking on the bright side, which is the fact that there shouldn't be any early morning wardrobe drama, with the requisite 3-4 options scattered around the room while I'm yelling upstairs that the bus will arrive any minute and she'll have to walk to school if she misses it because I'm not taking her indecisive patootie to the attendance office and look like an idiot explaining that she's late because she thinks her jeans made her look fat this morning.  There's only so much variety you can create using khaki or navy bottoms with white or light blue tops.  

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