Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And away they ran with it

You would think that at the age of 44 I would know better.  And just because the girls are a mature 10 and 16, it doesn't guarantee they won't turn around and act like kindergarten kiddos when you factor in a cute puppy.

He is pretty darned cute, though not so precious that you would lose your 10 and 16 year old heads over him, right?  At least I didn't do something REALLY stupid like decide to have another baby to fill my lonely days here at home.  I'll take the occasional pile of puppy doo-doo over a couple years of diapers any day of the week!

Little Mr. Snicklebritches' dad is a brussels griffon and mom is a pug.  Look at him and his brother all snuggled up, just 5 weeks old.  Ours is the one in the front, that looks a bit more griffon than his brother, who looks more puggy.

These same girls who have been pestering me for a kitten ever so recently immediately changed teams and are firmly in the puppy camp as of yesterday afternoon.  They shunned homework after supper so they could spend half an hour brainstorming dog names.  Thus far they like Gizmo, Otto, Oscar, Henry, Jinx and Ollie.  Contenders that got tossed out by me were Ewok, Quazzy, Rufus and Chewy... obviously inferior names.

If we want the pooch, we'll have to haul it up to Lancashire (about 200 miles to the northwest of where we live) to pick him up unless we can convince the owner to meet us somewhere in-between.  He'll turn 8 weeks the first weekend in December, which coincides with the birthday of our youngest daughter.  I can just envision the scene now, the youngest one claiming the pup as hers while the older one rants about how it's the family dog and someone else should get to hold it on the ride home and she can't be greedy just because it's her birthday, blah-blah-blah.  Ah yes, the true and abiding bond between sisters.  

Stay tuned - I'll keep you posted on puppy developments as they happen.  

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