Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hear me now, believe me later?

Those twits at the local Nissan dealership!  I called last week to make an appointment with the service department, explaining that my SUV liftgate struts were no longer working and need to be replaced.  Nothing like almost getting decapitated when you're trying to load groceries into the rear of the car.  Good thing I've got some cat-like reflexes.  The Nissan service folks were all fine and let's make an appointment to take care of that.  

This morning I had to skip going to the gym (and believe me, my butt needs the workout) so I could spend about 30 minutes driving the three miles from my house, through the ongoing bridge construction and into the path of traffic that uses this route for Heathrow in order to get to the dealership by 8:30.  I plop down with my new book after handing over my keys and end up dozing on and off as the morning news drones in the background of the waiting room.  After about 45 minutes they called my name and I'm all excited because it didn't take as long as I expected.  Perky Mr. Service Guy, the Austin Powers look-alike with the same wonky teeth in need of some orthodontic work, tells me that the liftgate struts DO INDEED NEED TO BE REPLACED.  

Duh, isn't that what I told you when I made the appointment?  Did you think I was just joking, ha-ha, I want to waste part of my day sitting in your uncomfortable waiting room chairs listening to the old guy bitch about the cost of his brake job while a couple car salesman gather around the coffee machine to shoot the breeze about the latest soccer game?  Great... now I get to come back again to have the work done once the parts arrive.

That was the bad news.  The good news is that the struts are still under warranty.  With gas costing a bit over $8 per gallon, I'm all for free.  

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