Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homecoming, sorta

Back in Texas, they know how to do homecoming... a week of dress-up days with a couple pep rallies and parade, lots of big homecoming mums that are heavy enough to pull you over unless you lock your knees, a Friday night football game and, if that wasn't enough, a dance.  The American/International school my daughters attend has tried to import this very rah-rah, USA set of festivities with only a bit of success.

Last week was homecoming week, so the student council arranged a theme for each day.  They couldn't adopt the ever popular BEAT THE HELL OUTTA _____ because there were no games scheduled for last week in the ramp up to fall sports tournaments, which is how they end the season.  Monday was class colors and 11th grade was assigned blue.  Tuesday was international day, so that meant the oldest daughter had to rustle up her American flag shirt.  Wednesday was spirit day, so she bought a commemorative school t-shirt and then proceeded to add some really cool flourishes with her rainbow colored Sharpies.  Thursday was decade day and 11th grade had the 70s, so she went in tie-dye.  Friday was wacky tacky day, so that just meant she went to school looking goofy in some mismatched clothes.  

Mums haven't jumped the pond yet, so that was disappointing.  Of course, there wasn't a football game for girls to wear the mum TO, so I guess there wouldn't have been a real point to that.  Maybe for her senior year next fall, we'll make sure we bring back some mum making supplies from one of the craft stores back in Texas and start a trend... at least amongst my daughter's friends.  Just something small, say less than 10 lbs.

Before the dance Saturday night, a big group of them went to a local Thai restaurant for supper.  Then they danced the night away in the school gym.  Or at least they danced from 7:30-10:30 until chaperones turned on the overhead lights and shooed the teens out to their parents waiting for them in the parking lot.  At least we didn't have to worry about anyone getting caught stealing or defacing the rival team's mascot.  

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