Monday, November 14, 2011

They Call It Puppy Love

No job + no desire to clean the house obsessively + not wanting to volunteer at the school every other day = climbing the walls boredom

So what's a gal to do?  Consider getting a dog to keep me company for the umpteenth time since we moved to England.  Cats are great, but they're so aloof.  You can't walk them on a leash and they have a tendency to live for 16-18 years.  That's the length of a kid commitment and entirely too long in my book.  

I was surfing the net today, checking out dogs on some sites that won't cost me an arm and leg.  

How cute is this, a long haired brussels griffon crossed with a pug?  I really like this OR a cairn terrier.  

My husband wants something that will bark at strangers.  And we all know pugs bark at strangers for two seconds before taking them down so they can lick them to death.  Therefore, this might be a nice compromise.  Or maybe a pug/French bulldog cross?  Or maybe a pug/Boston terrier cross?  It seems there are lots of cute pug hybrids out there to choose from.  

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