Monday, July 23, 2012


After river cruising with folks old enough to be my parents - some even old enough to be my grandparents - I found myself running out of patience with the twentysomethings young enough to be my kids as I was traveling home yesterday.

On the first flight, from Budapest to Frankfurt, the window seat on my row was occupied by the Eastern European version of a Jersey Shore cast member wannabe.  Thankfully we had an empty seat in between us since I was on the aisle.  Big hair, way too much makeup, glittery fake nails and a teeny tiny little mini that barely covered up her butt.  And let me tell you - the middle aged pervies sitting in front of and across from us were on full alert.  Drool city, baby.  I kept cutting my eyes at them when I caught them staring down our aisle, my best you're-old-enough-to-be-her-father, get-your-eyes-back-in-your-head glare, attempting to shame them into knocking it off.

They thought they were being all sneaky with the ogling, but it was painfully obvious they were a tad excited with the overt eyeballin' of our resident hoochie mama.  And we ALL got a look at the goods when her scrap of a tube top passing for a skirt got blown up by the wind a couple times while ascending the steps to the plane sitting on the tarmac so that we all got a gander of her black thong.  No tan lines on that fake bake.

Then for the Frankfurt to Heathrow flight, I drew the frat boy card and was seated next to two British dudes who spent the first part of the flight talking about their weekend of debauchery - drinking and clubbing and fornicating.  Their conversation with filled with a lot of the F word, and they were using it as just about every part of speech... noun, verb, adjective, etc.  Thank heavens their raucous weekend seemed to catch up with them and they both dozed off about halfway through the flight.  

I hope to get my cruise pics downloaded later today so I can start blogging about the trip.  Next weekend we have our first Olympics event to attend, and then the following week we'll be heading to Ireland and Scotland as our last hurrah before school starts in late August.

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