Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rainy Days

They're baaack... the cool rainy days of summer here in England.  After wearing shorts for the last week, I've returned to yoga pants and a hoodie the past couple days.

I should be working on the next post about our river cruise, but instead I'm just mindlessly surfing the net and snooping through my pics from this summer.  

Sunday afternoon, in between the bouts of showers, the younger daughter and I had a record breaking slug count in the backyard - 22 to beat the former top count of 16.  I think they were out in record numbers because we had gone over a week without any real rainfall.

Following the leader - a nice brown and red specimen.

A different pair munching on a mushroom - yum!

Another reason I'm not getting much done is because I've got some help at the computer.  He likes to rest his chin on my arm that operates the mouse.

It's a handy place to sit up high and see out the patio french doors - easier to spot the local squirrels and birds that dare to set foot into Ollie's yard.  And how can you resist that scruffy face?

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