Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Cycling

We were way more excited about watching the ladies cycling time trails today than volleyball last weekend because we would have the opportunity to wave our American flag-on-a-stick and cheer on Team USA.  

Because we live in England, it had to start sprinkling about the time we needed to walk to Burwood Road to get a viewing spot on the sidewalk.  We both wore rain jackets and had umbrellas, but by the time we reached Burwood the sprinkles had stopped.

Above is the youngest daughter tricked out in her USA t-shirt with her American flag to wave.  And below is a shot of her ponytail with the patriotic ribbon, courtesy of Nena (my husband's mother) back in Texas.  

The time trials are different from the road cycling race because you're riding by yourself.  Every minute or so, another rider would pass us with the "help car" behind them.  I'm sure the folks in the cars following them with spare tires and such have a name, but I have no idea what it is.

I took pics of at least half of the participants and this athlete really stood out since she's in banana yellow.  And the helmets - love the futuristic pointy look to them.

Of course, my fave pic of the day was Team USA Kristin Armstrong... no relation to Lance.  She ended up taking gold - so excited that we got to see her en route to a win.

Our last Olympic event is Sunday, the women's springboard diving final with a medaling ceremony.  We've been busy making some posters for it, so we'll make sure we wave to you in case we make it on TV.

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