Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Momcation 2012-2013

And they're off!  Dressed in school uniforms, pictures taken and waved off on the bus for the beginning of 6th grade and senior year.  As soon as Ollie gets picked up for doggie daycare, I'm kicking off the new school year with a trip to the gym followed by a leisurely trip to the grocery store.  It's so much easier to eat healthy when I don't have a child or two tossing things like cookies and candy into the basket.  

I would include a pic of the teen in kindergarten, but all of our family pics are packed away back in Texas.  Over the Christmas holidays, I'll have to see about putting my hands on some of them for a senior year slide show. 

I took an extra pic of the teen by herself since it's her senior year.  We're staying on top of the college admissions process - three applications submitted and about six more to go.  We're all gonna need to hang on because I imagine this final year in England will be one wild ride.

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