Thursday, August 9, 2012

In 'n Out

Today we flew home from Ireland so *I* could wash, dry and fold everyone's dirty laundry from our quick trip since we're leaving for Scotland tomorrow morning.

I've imported the pics from my camera for our little Irish jaunt so I would have plenty of room for the pics of our Scottish fling.  My fave import was a short video I made at the seal sanctuary in Dingle.  This place takes in abandoned babies found in the area (common seals at this time of year).  The newest orphan was brought in the day before and was too danged cute.  They're kept at the center, staffed solely by volunteers, until they're about 3 months old and thus able to be released into the wild. 

The girls spent about 5 minutes looking at the baby seals and at least 45 minutes oohing and aahing and being entertained by the resident critters.  They had a pond area with several varieties of ducks (quacking up a storm), geese (hissing like snakes) and swans (snotty and dismissive).  They also had two resident goats - not too big and just friendly panhandlers looking for some of the bird feed we purchased.

In the clip below, the husband and girls are standing in the covered area after exiting the water fowl exhibit.  The teen put down her bowl of bird food on the railing to take pics of the baby seals and the pesky goat decided to help himself.  He hops up to check out the food situation and the teen calls him an "idiotic goat" because he dumped the remaining food onto the ground and thus got none.  

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