Friday, August 31, 2012

Lemme Catch My Breath

Lordy, lordy... I'm about tuckered out over here.  It's the third school day of our oldest daughter's senior year and we've already submitted four out-of-state (OOS) college applications.  I love, love, love the schools that don't require teacher recs!  There's another OOS university or two the teen thinks she might want to attend, but they're what I consider long shots due to location and more rigorous entrance requirements.  I guess if the teen is serious about these schools, she'll put her nose to the grindstone and start working on their required essays. 

I have to admit I'm getting pretty excited about all of this college hoopla.  You would think I was the one heading off for four years of fun and higher education.  And how cool would it be to know what I know now and go back for the whole freshman experience... pretty awesome to contemplate. 

So anyhoo, over the weekend we'll wrap up the final edits on the teen's Texas common app essays so I can gird my loins and get them submitted next week.  Then I just have to get my mother back in Texas to arrange for the teen's Texas high school transcript to be sent to her application universities.  Then I have to drive over to the international school the teen attended for one measly semester when we first moved to England and get that transcript sent to the same universities.  And, finally, we have to fill out the transcript request forms required by her current high school and get those to the counselor's office.  That's an awful lotta transcript arranging going on at our house.

After poring over and highlighting our two college guide books as well as snooping through several websites such as college navigator, college confidential and college prowler (Thanks, Bonnie Taylor, for being in the know and sending me the links!), I decided to listen to the school fight songs for the 10ish universities the teen is considering.  Most of them have catchy, rah-rah tunes, but some of the lyrics make me wonder who the heck composed them.  

If part of your fight song includes "... written in a syncopated way...", you might want to consider a little revision. I think "With a sis-boom, hip hoorah..." and "Fight with all your might..." are pretty catchy and serve to fire up the crowd.    

Alas, I have to leave my two cents worth about the fight songs at UT and A&M. Both need to be rewritten now that they're in different conferences and may not play against each other again until AFTER the teen graduates college and is gainfully employed. So long to 118 years of tradition... you'll have to put over one more win against somebody else for a while, and that's a darned shame.

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