Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They Think So Highly of Me

Today the teen had a salon appointment, so the younger daughter and I were killing time in the local bookstore just around the corner.  I was reading the backs of some novels and then covertly writing down the title as well as author so I could buy them on my Kindle once I got home.  Yes - I've become quite fond of toting my Kindle on travels instead of a bunch of heavy books.

So after we picked up the teen from the salon, I was telling her what we did to occupy our time until she got finished.  

Me:  Your sister and I were hanging out in the bookstore.

Teem:  Hmmm.

Me:  I was looking at books that interested me and then secretly-

Teen (interrupting me):  Putting them in your purse to steal?

I had to laugh... and then feel a bit insulted because I've never shoplifted a thing in my life - candy, clothes or books.  Though, admittedly, that would have made for a much more interesting end to my little story of what we were doing while she was getting pretty at the salon.

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