Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's About Fall, Y'all

It's the first Sunday in September and that means we'll be suffering through another college football season without weekend "fixes" of Longhorn pigskin on the telly.  Back in Texas, we would be enjoying Friday night high school football games, Saturday college games and Sunday pro games.  But we would also be enduring 95 degree weather, so I guess I shouldn't complain too long and loud since we can stream games and watch highlight reels on the internet... with the windows thrown open enjoying a mild fall day.  

This past week we've had a fair mix of sun and clouds and only a little moisture.  Temps are hovering in the mid 60s.  On a walk through the 'hood earlier this week with Ollie, I noticed some sort of large deciduous tree that had already started dropping these beautiful gold colored leaves.  Plus I've seen more leaves in the backyard lately, so it appears the local flora is gearing up for the change in seasons.  And did I mention the thermometer dropped into the upper 40s Thursday morning?  

I'm all set for fall with my personal stock of seasonal smells from the Yankee Candle Company.  I've found an online candle shop here in the UK that sells them, so I'm able to keep the house from getting too doggy and musty since we have no central air or heat (radiators, baby).

Some of my fall fragrances include crisp apple strudel, red apple wreath, blissful autumn (rather vague but smells nice) and macintosh spice.  The husband says it looks like a seance is about to take place when I light up 2-3 at a time.  

And, finally, I have to mention my favorite fall song, "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire.  I'm back at the gym these days and it's in the rotation on my iPod playlist.  Do you remember... dancing in September - love it!

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