Saturday, September 8, 2012

Go Teams!

In the US today, college fans are gearing up for tailgating and a fabulous football Saturday.  Over here in the UK, the girls and I are gonna huddle up around the 24" computer screen to watch a bit of football live streamed over the internet.  

With the exception of one "yankee" university near the Canadian border, the rest of the teen's ten other application schools have football teams.  Today, 7 of the 10 are playing games that will be live streamed on a website here in the European Union.  Every time I pull up this website, I have to contend with a bunch of annoying pop up ads.  

It's obvious I'm not this website's typical viewer or their target audience. I was checking the viewing schedule earlier this morning and the three pop ups were for horny Russian women ready to hook up with locals like me, how to get my GED in just one week from the comfort of my own home and online gambling with guaranteed jackpots. If advertisers for this site want to catch my attention, then they need to be promoting things like diets that allow you to eat raw cookie dough and not gain an ounce.  Or how to sit on my butt and watch my favorite TV shows while burning calories.  And my fave internet ads... the ones where a 55 yr old housewife looks 27 just by following one secret tip.

At least we have some beautiful weather forecast for today that reminds me of Texas in mid October.  The windows are thrown open so we can enjoy some fresh air under a blue sky in these mild temps.  Now all I need to do is make a run to the grocery store to pick up some game snacks and we'll be all set.  

Good luck to the Aggies, Gamecocks, Hawkeyes, Horned Frogs, Jayhawks, Longhorns, Minutemen and Tigers x2.  The Bears are off this weekend.

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