Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rub A Dub Dub

This morning I told Ollie that his aroma brings to mind an old bag of Fritos and so he will probably be getting a bath after he returns from doggie daycare this afternoon.  He was perched in my lap at the computer, his usual place to lounge right after he's released from his kennel and made a potty run.  He hops up onto my lap and hangs out there while I check my emails and such.

Since today is late start for school - every Wednesday throughout the year, classes don't start until 9:15 so the teachers can have faculty meetings - the teen was ready for the bus in advance of it pulling into our driveway, so she snapped a couple pics of the beast.  He likes to rest his chin on my right arm, the one I'm using to work the mouse.  

I got a really good whiff of old Fritos when I flipped him over like a baby.  

Why does the smell always seem to emanate from his paws?  It's not as if he's some 7th grade boy who wears the same socks to school all week in the Texas heat.  

Despite the Frito smell, I still wuv my widdle Mookie (my nickname for Ollie because it's what we do - give our kids embarrassing nicknames).  Who could resist that sweet little face, the one I'll have to clean off with a washrag while he tries to nip it from my hands.  Who'll roll around on the couch trying to wipe the "clean" off once he's released from the bathtub.  Who will want to sit in my lap when he's still damp so it looks like I peed my pants.  Oh the joys of parenting.

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