Monday, March 11, 2013

A Bored Housewife's Best Friend

Ollie just left for doggie daycare. The minute Michelle pulls into the driveway to pick him up for the ride to the center in the doggie daycare station wagon, he knows it. He starts barking and races to the front door, jumping straight up and down to the height of the door knob. The minute I swing open the door, he hauls butt to hop in and go for a ride with his doggie friends for a morning of play at the center. I need to record this scene that occurs every M-W-F morning.

This morning, it was in the upper 20s but has warmed up to 32 on its way to 34 for the high. Snowflakes are falling intermittently, but thankfully not sticking. Therefore, I put Mr. Man in his jumper (Brit speak for sweater) because the wind is blowing at gale force. 

It's just me in the big ol' king bed since the husband has been working at HQ in Texas for years. Oh wait, it has just felt like forever when it really started in December. So anyhoo, Ollie likes to come upstairs and hang out with me in the evenings when I'm reading the US news apps on my iPad. We keep a gate at the landing to limit his access since he tends to nibble on things he finds on the floor... socks, earrings, pencils. The senior's room is a treasure trove of her belongings seldom put back where they belong and thus fair game for canine thievery. When I do allow him upstairs, he hops up onto my bed and is typically well behaved. His favorite trick is to snuggle up under the covers with me.

Like most dogs, Ollie would shun dog food for people food. One of his favorite people treats is popcorn. The 6th grader enjoys microwave popcorn a few times a week as a snack. As soon as the timer on the microwave dings, Ollie goes into a dither, dancing and prancing around her feet looking for a handout. Here is a video of him performing a couple of his tricks for a bite or two.

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