Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Narrowing the Field

The teen applied to 11 of 12 total colleges back in September. There was a last minute addition in February that has moved to the front of the pack recently, but I'll just save it for a whole 'nother post. We've been waiting for a decision from the admissions office with several of these universities for the past six months. 

On Friday evening, the teen found out she was accepted at a school on the east coast. One of the public ivies - historic and really picturesque. She danced around the house for a bit, then sat down to take a look at it again online and read about it once more in her college guide book. About ten minutes later, she came out and announced that she won't be attending this school. All of that work filling out the app, getting recommendations, having scores sent, arranging for transcripts from three different high schools and paying the application fee for naught.

Was I disappointed? Heck no! I just wish she could be this decisive about the final three still in the running to be America's Next Top Model my daughter's home away from home for the next four years. I've reached the point where I don't care where she goes, as long as she heads off to college somewhere when the calendar rolls around to August.

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