Monday, March 18, 2013

Undo, undo, undo

I just posted a nice little diddy about the senior, went in to change a word via the edit button and poof! it disappeared. What the heck? I didn't hit delete, or at least not on purpose. So here I go again, but with a more abbreviated version in bullet points because I'm feeling lazy this morning. 

  • the senior graduates in three months and a few days after that our whole UK house gets packed into a sea container for the big ride back across the pond... ch-ch-changes a comin'
  • equal parts exciting and scary to contemplate the senior leaving high school for college
  • senioritis has hit and so the transition should be easier
  • the senior wants to Go Greek!
  • with the help of a Texas friend (Thanks, Denise!), we are getting her ready for sorority rush in the fall
  • sorority recommendation letters from alums are a must
  • you won't be taken seriously without them
  • in addition to a resume and information page, we also have to include two pics of the teen
  • I downloaded the photo contents off her camera, shots taken in Feb/March
  • really nice, expensive camera the husband bought her in the fall
  • even the dog could take some quality pics with this camera
  • the dog was busy licking his private parts and so it seems the 6th grader got some nice casual pics for us to include
  • and here is my fave
  • truly frameworthy

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