Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feeling Blue These Days

I was late to the Pinterest craze. But since we started planning our remodel, I've found it incredibly useful. And yet maybe a bit unrealistic. Because seriously, where are you gonna find a whole cabinet-full collection of this stuff unless your granny or great aunt Agatha was tucking this away decades ago when it was all the rage.

Thinking I'd give it a go, my mother and I drove up to a small town here in the hill country where we knew we could visit several antique shops. Sure enough, I hit pay dirt with some nice buys. I was all over the place - Depression glass, Fenton, Jadeite, hobnail, pressed, plain, and frosted. Now I need to let the decorator get a look at my initial purchases to see how to round out my collection for the open shelving on either side of the informal built-in banquette adjacent to the kitchen for everyday family seating.

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