Monday, February 6, 2017

The Before Pics

We signed the demo contract for our remodel house, so now our contractor is in the process of securing permits. Hopefully that means we'll start to see some studs next week... and I'm not talking about construction workers!

The far kitchen wall below (seen below) will be removed to open up the space and make it more of an open concept that flows better.

That open door to the left in the pic below will be the entry to our new little bar that we hope to locate beneath the stairs.

I'm still trying to understand why someone thought it was a good idea to run the fireplace stone halfway up the wall and end in a squiggly line. I like the rest of the rock, but that has gotta go.

The two pics above are the office that is attached to the master. The old cabinetry is being relocated to the husband's workshop so we can set this up as a his and hers office space.

The master bath gives me the heebie jeebies, the nasty looking jetted tub that looks like you'd get sucked under and drown in it. Plus the steam shower that's all dark and Psycho-esque. And undoubtedly full of mold!

High on my excitement list is the laundry room, seen below, where we're adding a built in kennel and waist height dog washing station for Ollie.

Seriously... who installs a bath light fixture like that?

Thankfully the two bedrooms upstairs (one seen below) only need cosmetic updating with paint and plantation shutters, though we are having a reading nook built into the eaves in each room.

The teen's room - she has grand plans for it, including the removal of the little chandelier for more modern fixtures.

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