Monday, February 13, 2017

New baths for everyone... including the dog!

Since we brought cairn terrier Ollie home in fall 2011 to be part of our family, I've fallen into the habit of bathing him every 7-10 days. I can't stand the doggy stink and icky feeling fur for any longer than that. 

The tricky issues with bathing him are the location and water. Bathing him in a large shower with a handheld wand works. Bathing him in a tub with a handheld wand isn't ideal, but I can still swing it. It's trying to get him clean in a garden tub with a big plastic cup since there isn't a handheld sprayer that had me realizing we need to add a doggy washing station in the remodel house.

Last week I needed a sedative after Ollie's bath. My knees and back were killing me and I about fell tail over teakettle on the slippery tile floor. At least three times. It was slippery because Ollie didn't like the standing water in the tub. So he paced the entire time instead of sitting in resignation like he usually does. And then he shook. And shook some more. And usually it was right after I had just poured a big plastic cup full of water over his body so that droplets went everywhere. 

The walls were dripping and so was my clothing. Doggy shampoo flew in my eye several times. It was a pain in the buttinsky and so that's why I just emailed these doggy washing station ideas to our designer/decorator. No more bending over the tub. No more de-doggy smelling the shower after I bathe Mr. Stinky Pants. I don't need anything fancy - just convenient and easy to use/clean.

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