Thursday, December 21, 2017

Shake your head, darling

When the 22 and 17 yr old get together, you know an amateur photo shoot will occur soon. The girls typically frequent the Pearl area along the river, just north of downtown, to snap some pics. This time it was casual for the younger daughter, where her granny Doris dimple is winking at us...

while the older daughter needed some shots in professional business garb to update her Linked In page for the spring job hunt.

In the meantime, the dynamic duo keep me entertained with funny pics on Snap Chat. I personally don't like these silly filters, but they're cute when the young 'uns use them.

On the critter front, there have been many juvenile tarantula spottings in the past two weeks. I've stumbled upon them on the front porch, in the yard, and at the bottom of the pool. Which is kinda creepy, how you walk by one minute and spy three of them in the pool, then stroll by an hour later to see they've all climbed out and wandered away. 

Lizard slayer and squirrel spotter here, she-devil Pepper dog, cornered a tarantula on the front porch a couple nights ago before I realized what she was doing. When I finally clued in that it was NOT a leaf blown onto the porch, but had eight furry legs and an attitude, she was ready to lunge back in for the kill. I had to drag Pepper away because the disgruntled spider was reared up on its back four legs, waving the front four and baring its fangs aggressively. The spider was saying back up, Jack, and we heeded its warning. Or rather I knew it meant business and hauled the wanna-be spider brawler away from her fun.

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