Friday, December 29, 2017

Thursday Night Bowling

Another year, another Alamo Bowl in the books. But I actually attended this year with the girls and some friends instead of just watching from the sofa. Last time I went to our local bowl game, Mack Brown was still coaching the Longhorns!

This year the matchup was TCU v. Stanford. Although it looked like the dancing tree and ragtag band might cheer on their team to victory, the horned frogs brought home a win. Maybe we'll be sporting purple and white this time next year, depending upon where the junior decides to attend college.

A lovely bonus this year was a very nice man giving us a pair of sideline passes. The girls, ages 17-22, took turns going down to check out the action up close and personal. The oldest daughter declared that she's now spoiled and can't imagine having to watch future games from boring old seats in the stands.

In the video below, you can see the grad school daughter (B&W shirt) and her friend (cream colored outfit) on the sidelines in front of the TCU band at the end of the second quarter. The daughter said the band was cracking jokes and really entertaining her grad school friend from China, who had never attended an American football game.

Below is a pic of the younger daughter and her good friend on the sidelines during halftime, in front of the big V on about the 5 yard line.

In the video above, I found myself enjoying the blinks of the phones around the stadium in the third quarter. I'm still not sure why folks were doing that. 

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