Friday, June 15, 2018

Nephew's Graduation

Last weekend we celebrated my nephew Garrett's high school graduation. The school district decided a couple years ago to kick it old school in the football stadium. Temps in the 90s and mosquitos once the sun goes down for an 8:00 pm program just seems a little primitive to me when so many other schools opt to rent sufficiently large venues with ample parking (not in the grass along the baseball field) and air conditioning. Thankfully, the wind was pretty brisk and so it saved us all from BO and skeeter bites.

The next day, we hosted a lunch for Garret and a dozen family members at a local Italian restaurant he enjoys. 

A local group of the old lady purple hatters were at the tables next to us and so we had a bit of rubbernecking once we took out the cake for a sugary end to the dining experience.

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