Monday, June 4, 2018

Senior year summer

The finished junior year but hasn't started senior year daughter headed off to her first commitment for 12th grade this morning... cheer camp at UT Austin. I swear you'd think these girls were competing for some prestigious free ride to a fancy pants university based on how the cheer coach approaches it all. That their lives and livelihood somehow depend upon them landing a perfect stunt. Lots of yelling. Lots of drama. Lots of praise one day, and then you're all slack wits the next. You're not even trying. Go stand in the corner and watch the others for a while. 

This summer the teen has to read some books for AP classes. Plus write the rough draft of her college essay to submit to her counselor by July 15. And her chapel talk rough draft has to be turned in the first day of classes on August 22. So she can't be a total slacker in the wind up to senior year. As a fun way to kick off the last year of high school, I found a vendor on Etsy to make a water bottle for the daughter to carry. While some of her snotty peers at her private school may turn up their noses at her top two university choices that are both public, I think there are no bad decisions for her college experience. Come spring time, we'll have an answer for decision 2019.

FYI - I chose the light blue because the orange and red colors on it pop more.

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