Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home again, home again

Sunday evening we returned from four days at Disney Paris.  I would love to post a few pics, but the teen is hogging the newer, speedier computer in the other office.  And since that's where I always download my travel pics, I'm all outta luck.  The reason I don't just shoo her off is because she's *gasp* looking at college websites.  Granted, she has honed in on the University of Hawaii and is gleefully bashing me over the head with it because 1) my husband is in Texas for business and unable to shield me from her latest insanity and 2) I'm ill and not able to fend off her brilliant idea since, according to her, it costs no more than any of the colleges she's considering on mainland USA.  Who can argue with that kinda logic... and the added bonus of year 'round tanning.

It seems I picked up a nasty summer cold from all of those little European germ laden petri dishes cruising around Disney spreading the nose full of snot, sneezing your head off crud that has overtaken me so that my poor noggin feels like it's about to explode with the pressure of an overfilled beer keg full of mucous.  And, of course, the younger child drank after me right about the time I was exposed to this most recent strain of the rugrat bug, though at least her symptoms seem to be less virulent than mine.

I had originally planned to get all of the housework done today after I went grocery shopping, made a post office run to get a package shipped, drove to the tip (Brit speak for town dump) to drop off the broken microwave and bathed the dog since he came home from boarding with the doggy daycare owner.  I'm 50-50 with my list... the dog smells good and we won't have to resort to eating him since I did stock up on enough food to last until the husband returns home Friday.  

I hope to return to blogging soon since I need to document the Krakow trip, in addition to Disney Paris.  Maybe I'll get the teen to switch over to her college information book or possibly even rough drafts of her essay and resume since her excellent ACT score has her all jazzed about life after high school.  

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